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The Difference Between Big Data and Small Data

  There is still a lot of hype around big data, however small data is increasingly gaining its popularity over the years and becoming one of the trustworthy data sources in the IT markets. To know the reason for this preference change, we first need to understand the concept of both data and the key differences between these two data. Starting with the basic concept of big data, it is the data which contains greater ‘Variety’, arriving in increasing ‘Volumes’ and with more ‘Velocity’. These Three V is the essential part of defining the type of data by many expertises. First, data volume is the amount of data available for processing. Since the amount of data differs in small data and big data, big data requires a large volume of information.  Second, data variety which is the number of data types. In the past, the data used to be collected in one format and also delivered in the same format. However nowadays, a non- traditional data variety has come out like video, text and more and th

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